Ocean Import and Export

We Import

Cars & Vehicles Import

Efficient and Reliable Cars and Vehicles Import Services – Bringing Quality Vehicles to Your Doorstep.

Construction Materials Import

Streamlining Your Construction Projects with High-Quality Imported Materials

Shoes Materials

We specialize in importing various materials used in the production of shoes from any corner of the world to Ethiopia. We typically work with manufacturers and retailers in the footwear industry who are looking for high-quality materials at competitive prices. 


we import and supply a wide range of chemicals, from food-grade chemicals to industrial chemicals used as inputs for various types of production and processing.

Plastics Materials

We specialize in importing high-quality plastics materials for the production of various products. We work closely with manufacturers and retailers in the plastics industry to provide them with the materials they need at competitive prices.

We Import

We also import raw materials, cars and vehicles, shoes raw materials, plastics mate- rial, and construction materials from reliable sources. In addition, we have a manufacturing unit that produces high-quality products for our customers.

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