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Ethiopia is one of the world's leading producers of coffee, with a rich history and culture around the beverage. The most common type of coffee grown in Ethiopia is arabica, which has a mild and aromatic flavor. There are three main categories of arabica coffee beans from Ethiopia: longberry, shortberry, and mocha. Longberry beans are the largest and highest quality, with a complex and fruity taste. Shortberry beans are smaller but still high quality, with a sweet and floral flavor. Mocha beans are the smallest and have a spicy and chocolatey flavor.

Ethiopia is widely regarded as the birthplace of coffee and has a rich diversity of coffee varieties. Some of the most famous ones are Yergachefe, Sidamo, Guji, Andracha, Bench maji, Kafa, Lekempti, Gera,Limu and Godere. These coffees are named after the regions where they are grown and have dis- tinct flavor profiles.

Lekempti Coffee

Lekempti coffee is appreciated for its smoother acidity, balance, and delicate fruit flavors. lekempti coffee is primarily cultivated in welega, a province to the west of addis ababa, where coffee is mostly grown in forest or semi-forest land and naturally processed.

Harrar Coffee

Harrar coffee is an heirloom Arabica variety grown in the Oromia, formerly the Harrar region of southern Ethiopia. Harrar ranks among some of the best coffee in the world and belongs to a series of three trademarked Ethiopian coffee regions, along with Yirgacheffe and Sidamo.

Jimma Coffee

A unique coffee thought to be the variety closest in flavour to the original wild plant. This is an ideal climate and the plants are well protected by the larger forest trees which provide shade from the midday sun and preserve the moisture in the soil.

Single origin coffee

Single origin coffee is coffee that comes from a single producer, crop or region in one country. It is often considered to be more distinctive and flavorful than blended coffee. Coffee beans are graded according to their size and number of defects. Grade 3 and 4 coffee beans have less than 13 and 86 defects respectively. Some examples of single origin grade 3 and 4 coffee are Lekempti, Jimma, Mokamba, Harar, Sheka, Tepi and Bale. These are all regions in Ethiopia that pro- duce different types of Arabica coffee with unique characteristics.

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